Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Genie of Happiness...

I am old. My skin has wrinkled. Expensive Cosmetics and thick make up can also no more fill the gap. My hair is all grey. Now a grinning ghost of loneliness dreadfully haunts me. That I am old is constantly reminded by my shaky limbs. I will go to the dust soon and the wait will end soon. But none is there to carry the bag of bone when my days are numbered.
Now I desperately want a “May-I-help-you-genie”. Where can I get it?  
I carried my old and decrepit body to the biggest store in the city to get a QUICK GENIE of that sort. But I was late. The store was closed and a huge invulnerable lock was dangling on the doors. But the shop keeper was there. He was sitting on one of the steps that led to the shop. Looking at me he asked, “Have you come for that wonderful GENIE?” I nodded my head in affirmation. Now he smilingly extended his hands at me and asked for the keys of the shop. I was astonished and confused. “How can I have the keys? You are the shop owner and you ask for the keys to me.” I bafflingly reacted.
He was surprised and told, “Don’t you know this special shop having the genies of HAPPINESS opens by the keys of the customers only.” I was bewildered and stupefied. He continued, “The people who adopt KISSING instead of BITING, who adopt COUNTING their BLESSINGS instead of ENVYING and who adopt HELPING instead of HURTING are presented with THE KEY that opens the door.”
I now looked at the dangling lock on the shop and understood that MY PAST WAS IMPERFECT and so the remaining FUTURE IS INDEFINITE. And all it happened because I did not PRESENT the BEST in me to the world around me when it was possible. And now the world showed me THE LOCK and did not give the KEY of HAPPINESS.
On my return I looked back and gave a last look to that amazing shop with that ever-waiting shopkeeper. My eyes now fell on the glowing sign board of that shop and it told, “AS YOU SOW, SO YOU REAP.”

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