Tuesday, June 30, 2015


From the pen APN 

It was evening and the sea beach glowed with many neon lights. The white foaming waves washed the beach at regular intervals. The beach-side hotels were actively serving many visitors while some other people were roaming along the shore. The gentle sound of the waves lapping the sand filled the atmosphere like a piece of romantic music. Unnecessary noises were shadowed by the sea’s murmuring song and the place was sanctified by nature’s purifying touch. 

The sea and its reverberating song along with the evening sky and the wind from the sea had transformed the place into an abode of deep meditation. 

The sea created an image of vastness and the rippling waves on it signified life. So standing on the shore beneath a lamp post and looking intently towards the breaking waves triggered deep philosophical thoughts which was like a puff of fresh air. 

A boat with its stretched sails was slowly returning to the shore. The rotating beam of light from the light house guided the boat to reach the shore safely. The fisherman’s crew alighted from the boat with their nets and other fishing equipments. They looked tired but they were not disappointed anyway because the sea had given them enough wealth to live happily for the coming day. The smell of the raw fish filled the nostrils...... 

Soon the fish will decorate the plates of many spiritually and physically hungry men and women. They will eat together and then they will sleep together in each other’s arms.

The moon appeared amidst the twinkling stars and the night wore on. Now the number of people on the beach gradually thinned out. Most of the visitors now bade adieu to the night sea and left the place for their homes and families. However, one young man sat motionless staying aloof from the dispersing crowd. He sat meditatively for hours and, in the mean time, the moon seemed as if it came walking from the east sky to the sky just above his head only to give its company to the human form. It was mid-night and the moon was now glancing down.

In the absence of the crowd and with none to stand by his side the last visitor ought to feel sad and lonely but he was on the contrary glad and tranquil. It was because the sandy beach, the silvery light of the crescent shaped moon, the murmur of the rolling waves, the whispering wind and the night sky stood together in all their beauty and power with that last visitor of the day.   

The solitary visitor now stood from his seating place and flexed his muscles. He inhaled a deep breath of pure life giving sea wind and the particles of life force trickled down from all sides that is from the smiling moon, from the endless starry sky, from the sombre sea, from the benign sandy beach and from the fair wind around him.  

With his eyes seaward, in the depths of a meditative absorption, he understood that NATURE NOURISHES and so life continues.

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